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The needs of older adults can be significant and often increase over time. For some caregivers, the need for Geriatric Care Management services may occur suddenly. For others, the need may evolve over time.

Some of the common reasons people seek help with Care Management include:

Increasing care needs
Older adults may need more care due to failing physical or mental health. Dementia and confusion may not only increase care needs but may also increase the elder's resistance to help.
Medical emergency
Stable living and health situations may be upended by a medical emergency, which may result in increased immediate care needs and changes in long-term planning.
Changing family situation
Loss of a spouse or other caregiver is a common precipitant for seeking Care Management services. Another common cause is a change in the family living situation, such as adult children moving away.
Overwhelmed caregivers
As care needs increase, family members may become overwhelmed physically, emotionally and financially, particularly as caregivers may be juggling careers, children and other life responsibilities.
Lack of information or information overload
Too much information can be as much of a burden as too little information. ECS Care Managers filter through the maze of geriatric care information to find the right solutions for the situation

For many caregivers, more than one of these situations may exist. If these scenarios sound familiar, call ElderCare Solutions at 630.416.2140 to speak with one of our Nurse Care Managers.